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Hana Chapter of Belgium #248
9th ERC 2018  Map registered Participants
Hana Chapter of Belgium gives ERC Participants the opportunity to get to know each other before the official opening in Bruges.

Therefore ERC website is linked to My Maps (Google). On this public map you discover who your co-Participants are and from which countries they will travel to Bruges in 2018.

Feel free to mail your Family Name, First Name, portrait and pictures of flower arrangements (max. 3 you’ve created) at erc2018.worldmap@ikebana-international.be
Extra information can also be included in the map, if you want.
Hana Chapter of Belgium will be grateful to receive your contribution to publish.

At any time your included images or personal information shall be deleted immediately from the public map on your demand at erc2018.worldmap@ikebana-international.be

To discover recent features on the world map click the globe or click here.