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Hana Chapter of Belgium #248
Benifits membership

Membership of Ikebana International + Ikebana International Magazine
Three issues a year, richly illustrated with colour plates of Ikebana arrangements and related art. 
A Chapter Activities Newsletter
Informs members of chapter-, headquarters- and regional Ikebana activities. 
Regional Conferences and World Convention
Regional Conferences are held for educational and cultural purposes throughout the world.
A World Convention is held in Japan every five years. 
Workshops where I.I. members can study Ikebana under the direction of flower masters. 
Chapter Meetings
These meetings provide a regular forum for members to study, exhibit and participate in Ikebana
demonstrations. Luncheons, special tours and lectures on related arts are other regular activities.
Visiting I.I. members of other chapters are especially welcome.

Interested to join? Feel free to mail at